Promotional Outdoor Products

Branded Outdoor Products

 Our extensive range of promotional outdoor products give your brand an easy way to keep relevant to your service/sector whilst making the most out of free advertising opportunities. Our branded high-visibility vests for example are a great way for construction companies to reinstate their brand and become associated to their trade by the general public, as well as being an on-site essential.

We can even provide promotional tools for construction and engineering companies including high quality tape measures, hammers, stanley blades and more. We provide a range of reliable torches too, including head torches, foldable torches and strong LED pocket torches. These high-quality branded torches are both a reliable item for your team as well as a brilliant canvas for your promotional branding. Our handy promotional outdoor products come in a variety of colours, styles and qualities to suit both your brand and their intended purpose.

Promotional Outdoor Products For Advertising

Our promotional outdoor product range also includes handy items that can easily be given away to staff or customers as free gifts, that will support your brand exposure to the general public. Items such as umbrellas and ponchos work great as promotional products due to the fact they’re often used in public settings, and help your brand become recognised in local areas. Again, these products come in a range of shapes, styles, sizes and colours and can be fully customised to support your company branding.

Promotional Outdoor Products For Schools

We always want to keep our children safe whether it be on a school trip or just when traveling in a large group. There’s items that have been used over and over again to make children stand out from the crowd, making them easy to keep together or spot when they go wandering off. Our promotional branded high viability children’s vests come in a range of bright colours that can be customised for your school’s logo and used over and over again. Other high visibility items include branded backpack covers, reflective plastic snap arm bands, safety reflectors and safety lamps.

Promotional Outdoor BBQ Products

At Logo International we pride ourselves for being able to provide promotional branded products for every occasion – including your outdoor BBQs. We can provide everything from the branded portable BBQ itself, to all the accessories that go with it. For pubs, restaurants and other food outlets, it’s just yet another canvas to advertise your brand on and again relates your brand to the item it’s advertising on. Promotional BBQ products are again great for charity events, outdoor food and beer festivals and everything in-between. It’s a great way to establish your brand as an active part of the community and associate yourselves with the events that happen in your local area.

For further information on how we can help your brand become recognised in every way, shape and form talk to the expert promotional team at Logo International.