Promotional Gadgets & USBs

Promotional USB Sticks

As one of our most popular categories, we pride ourselves in providing the most up to date, high storage USB devices, fully customised to support your companies branding. USB flashdrives make the perfect promotional gadget due to the useful aspect, and the fact they’re an office necessity. They are the perfect item to give to staff as a handy storage device as well as helping to promote your company at every possible opportunity.  As well as this, they are great promotional items to give out at trade shows or conferences, as again they are an item that are used time after time and will always remind the customer of your business. 

Promotional Gadgets For The Workplace

We provide a range of branded products that make the perfect, handy gadget to help your staff around the office whilst constantly reinforcing the companies branding and message. Our promotional desk accessories include plastic foldable desk lights, that are of a high quality and provide a large canvas to display your branding on. We can go as far as providing USB powerbanks for your staff, in case they ever need to charge their phone or laptop when they’re on the go. We can even provide luxury items that your staff enjoy using at work, such as branded earphones starting at just 68p per unit. 

Promotional Gadgets For The Classroom

We think about all our customers when deciding on our product range, and often think about how we can support schools with our promotional products. Due to this, we’ve sourced high quality laser pointers, ranging in styles, colours and strengths. Ranging from just £1.96 per unit, these promotional branded laser pointer pens are the perfect brand enforcement for the classroom and are extremely useful for teachers. Yet another brilliant promotional gadget for the classroom includes our branded calculators. We provide a range of styles, colours and functions, meaning you can always find the calculator that you need to support your childrens learning progress. Are high quality calculators will last for years, meaning they’ll get their use over and over again, with your school logo proudly presented on the clear area of the calculator.

Quirky Promotional Gadgets 

When thinking up promotional campaigns, it’s important to consider your audience and how you will reach out to them. Promotional gadgets are a great promotional gift as they are usually products your customer really cares about and will use over and over again. We pride ourselves in provide a wide range of useful products that your customers will love. For example, our Bluetooth speakers are the perfect quirky gadget to give away to customers, and a nice little reminder that you’re a company that cares. Other helpful promotional gadgets include stylus pens, touch screen gloves, mobile phone stands and other phone accessories. All these products are fully customisable with your companies branding for maximum effect, and are a great little trust mark to your customers.

If you need help when choosing the perfect promotional product to support your marketing campaign, talk to the specialist team at Logo International. Our experts have years of experience in the promotional products industry and are happy to discuss the best options for your business. Ring us on 0115 940 2464 or email