Why Do Promotional Products Work?

Here at Logo, we absolutely love promotional products. After all it’s what we do best! We want you to love them too! So, if you need some convincing here are our top four reasons why promotional products really do work and just HAVE to be part of your budget.

Everyone loves a freebie!
Come on, admit it… Our eyes light up at the opportunity of getting something for nothing at least once in our lives. A free gift or promotional giveaway (especially if it’s a useful one) will not only make your clients feel valued and much more likely to bring repeat business, it will also give you that extra push on getting your name out there. New customers are just as important as existing ones!



  Ball point pen & pencil set, Mint tin & Keychain with light.




Heaps of brand exposure.
Hands down one of the best things about promotional products is that they get used again and again – creating more impressions for your brand every time they are!


Travel mug & Umbrella.



They’re innovative and versatile.
Branded goods come in so many shapes and sizes – and colours – with tonnes of varying applications. Even if you have the wildest imagination, if you can picture it, it can usually be done. Some applications are trickier than others, some may look impossible but that’s what we are here for. Let us do the hard work in finding ways to make your ideas come to life!


Self-adhesive memo pad & Virtual reality glasses.



The sheer value!
Promotional products are able to give a brilliant return on investment when compared to other forms of marketing. This, coupled with a high perceived value from your clients, mean that the value of promo goods is MASSIVE!


These are just a few reasons we think Promotional Merchandise are so good. Why not look at our product range, or give us a call with your ideas and see what we can do for your upcoming campaigns? We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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