Which Promotional Products Do I Need?

Why chose promotional products?

Getting your name out there is a easy thing to talk about but may actually be a challenge to truly do. Do you need an event to showcase yourself or do you need to trawl through endless websites to find a product to put a name on. The answer really is unless you know, how’re you supposed to know?

Not many people instantly have an idea and know exactly how to make it work from start to finish. So when given the task of, getting your name out there, logically the brain will ask “where do I start?”. Then inevitably, a plethora of options and avenues to chose from will open up and we are all overwhelmed and spoiled for choice as to what route to take. Do you need garments, pens, water bottles, umbrellas etc. the list is endless and they all have different purposes and effects.

89% of consumers can remember the name of the advertiser on a promotional product they received in the past 24 months. The proof is in the figures, if that statistic alone doesn’t highlight the importance of the impact of promotional products I’m not sure what will.

What do I need?

Unless you have worked in the promotional industry before then its not always easy to narrow down the fine details. Getting an umbrella for a fund raising event that takes place indoors for example, isn’t probably the most advisable idea. But there in essence lies your first challenge, finding the right product. What is it for? When do you need it? How many do you need?

The once you have that product, even more questions come your way. What branding do you need on it? Where do you need it? What colour? What size? The list may seem endless.

How can we help?

This is the bit we love, we will just take all these seemingly gritty issues and remove the pressure from you. With 30+ years of experience we know what are the best practices for most, if not all tasks we are given. Using our expertise and knowledge we will be able to take any brief given to us and methodically but efficiently plan and implement a process that gives you your desired product within an achievable time frame.

Working with us will be a revolutionary idea for you. We can handle the smallest of details for the product you need. It isn’t just a case of churning out products that you have a liking for, it’s working with you, discussing ideas and developing products you will love that will leave lasting impressions.

Working with us is easy, efficient and enjoyable. We want to deliver a service to you that not only makes it easy for you to deal with your needs and wants, but also a service that makes you want more! This may sound a bit too good to be true, so why not let us prove it to you?



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