Which Promotional Mugs Make Perfect Gifts

Here at Logo International, we stock a wide range of promotional products including drinkware, mugs, flasks, and bottles to ceramics, all ready to be branded with your company logo. By far our most popular drink wear items is the good old trusted promotional mugs.

Our promotional mugs come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colours and designs. And with both on trend designs and multi-functional purpose items available from UK stock at great value prices, we can ensure your brand visibility is right for you.

With the majority of office desks and kitchens containing a number of promotional mugs, we know a printed mug is likely to be used again and again. After all, the office tea round is arguably one of the most important points of the day! Mugs may be an everyday object, but getting your printed promotional mug into the work place is a great way to build you brand and ensure your engaging logo and brand message are out there on desks and in people’s hands day after day.

We have access to hundreds of mugs stocked right here in the UK, and this enables us to offer a quick turnaround time on making an everyday object, into an appealing printed promotional item to raise your brands awareness. We know quality and price are key, and our range reflects that.

Printed promotional mugs are a tried and tested effective promotional product, reflected in the fact that our customers come back again and again ordering mugs with us. A great advantage of using a printed mug as your promotional item is the variety of print options on offer, as well as the size of the print area. The large surface area of a mug allows you to print your logo on one side, two sides, or even as a wraparound print, covering the majority of the mug.

There are a wide variety of print options available to make your promotional mug stand out.

Handle Printing

Handle printing allows your company name, logo, or website to be shown at an additional point on the mug. The handle print can allow for extra information to be included if the print area is insufficient, or to gain a more ‘finished’ look. Handle printing is often an overlooked option, so would ensure your mug stood out against the others stocked in the cupboard!




Handle Flashes

Handle flashes add a little something different to a promotional mug, helping with brand identification. A handle flash is created by a single brush stroke along the width of a handle, using precious metals or colour, showcasing your brand/logo’s colour.




Coloured Banding

Similar to handle flashes, coloured banding provides another opportunity to help with brand identification, by using your brands colours on the mug, separate from the main design. A coloured band adds style to your promotional mug’s design.







Inside Base Print

An inside base print is definitely something not seen all the time, as this is only visible once the drink is consumed! This offers not only a talking point of something a bit different, but also the opportunity to reaffirm your branding at an unexpected point with the consumer. Not only is the design visible when the mug is empty, but when a drink is placed within and consumed, it will gradually appear at eye level.



Inside Rim Print

An inside rim print would be visible at most times, and provides extra space outside the print area to add more information or reinforce your company branding. Applied by adding a transfer, the rim print can be placed in any location inside the mug.





Back stamp

A mug with a back stamp has the capability to advertise to the entire room. As the mug is being used, the raising of the mug displays your promotional message (or witty quote!) on the bottom of the mug to surrounding people


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