What are the Benefits of Promotional Clothing?

A popular form of branding that is used successfully in many different types of businesses is promotional branded clothing. There are a number of ways that promotional clothing can be an advantage to the brand of your business and change the way that people view it – for the better!

We’re going to take a look at some of the ways you can use branded clothing in your business and how they can benefit you.


Branded clothing can be used as a uniform; this is often used by retail stores, pubs, bars, restaurants and delivery firms – it’s important to be able to identify the staff from the customers so that help can be asked for if needed. The benefits of this form of promotional clothing include:

  • Easy to recognise staff.
  • Enhanced professional atmosphere.
  • The type of clothing you choose can provide your business with the theme desired – for example, a t-shirt and hoody would be great in a sport/leisure setting.

Trade Show Staff

A uniform may not be necessary at your business’ premises, although it would be a great idea to feature branded clothing at a trade show or convention.


  • You are instantly recognised as a member of staff therefore potential clients and other businesses can communicate with you effectively.
  • Enhances the presence of your business’ brand.
  • Provides your team with a broad and professional look.
  • It exposes your brand and draws in potential clients and new business.

Charity Events

Let’s say you’re taking part in a charity event as a business – you want to ensure that your brand is recognisable, right? Especially if you’re the host! Branded sports clothes, drinks bottles and banners is a strong, positive way to promote the name of your business.

Advantages of branded charity merchandise

  • Raises awareness for a great cause whilst building a positive image of your business.
  • Raises team morale and spirit as everyone is part of the event.
  • Popularizes your brand outside of the office.


Employee Rewards

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea – granted. Although, if you are going to provide branded clothing as a reward or incentive for employees, it’s got to be something stylish enough for them to want to show off in public. Branded pen’s work well as who doesn’t need a pen? Something as small as this with branding can promote your business as a lot of people are likely to see it – the postman, the courier – pens get used, borrowed and even swapped by masses of people. If it’s something like a t-shirt it must have appeal; anything that isn’t well-designed or not fashionable won’t be worn out of fear of embarrassment (come on we’ve all been there) and will just be a big waste!

The pros for using branded clothing/merchandise for this purpose:

  • Spreads the word of the company outside of the business and has potential to catch the attention of different types of potential customers.
  • Employees will be taking part in building up the brand of your business.
  • Gets people asking questions, for example, “that’s a fancy pen – where is it from?” Or, “That’s a cool t-shirt, what company do you work for and what do they do?”

Customer Rewards

Another opportunity to use promotional clothing is as a customer reward or incentive. We often get asked to for printed t-shirts or printed merchandise to give away to customers as part of an incentive, for example ‘Buy 8 cans of beer and get a free t-shirt’. Or ‘Spend £20 and receive a free embroidered cap’.

The pros for using branded clothing/merchandise for this purpose:

  • Ensures your brand name is spread further than just that one customer.
  • Makes you memorable in the customers mind. ‘Last time I purchased from them, I got a free t-shirt, I’ll go back there’
  • Gets your brand into arenas it may never normally get to. Who knows where your client may wear their hat, t-shirt or use their pen?

Branded clothing really is an excellent way to spread the work about your business, and is certainly one of the top promotional gifts available. Here at Logo, we have an exciting range of promotional clothing and merchandise that can be branded with your individual designs and logos to ensure it speaks volumes and is completely unique!

If you need any help finding the perfect promotional gifts for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Head over to the contact section for our details, we will be more than happy to provide you with all the advice that you need.


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