We The Independent

We The Independent are an active client of ours who thrive on being in the public eye and getting themselves out there. This being the objective of their business and movement, they need some stand out promotional products to help them. Having made contact with the client the relationship has grown successfully since the start and as have the designs and and exposure of the movement.

The movement was started with David and James at the helm, aiming to raise awareness and spread the message of equality and fairness throughout the entertainment industry. David having developed his career as a wrestler and James being involved with the PR aspects more so, both individuals have a massive understanding of the industry and are well respected. So it made sense for them to work together to embark on a journey of exposure, using shows, promo shoots and various other mediums to get their message out there.

We have worked with We The Independent for a while now and we have developed a range of garments and products which have helped increase their level of exposure. We love how active the guys are and they are always wanting to get themselves out there. We have been handed their designs and ideas and were tasked to source merchandise and garments suitable to their needs. Ranging from Mugs and caps to Eco friendly T shirts the list continues.

The guys at We The Independent are super proud of their work and we receive good feedback from them regarding their merchandise. We are as equally proud to work with them and are glad to help further the exposure of the equality for independent entertainers movement. It is always a pleasure to work with a client so enthusiastic about what they do and the fact we can be as enthusiastic back is just a pure bonus.

Check out the guys page below:
Have a read of their message and get involved!



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