Washing Screen Printed Garments

How to Wash Your Screen Printed T-shirts

The last thing you want is for your brand-new screen printed t-shirt to look like the middle of the Sahara Desert during a long dry spell.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t caring for your custom t-shirts in the right way, those designs are going to end up cracked, wrinkled and dull. A lot of people aren’t aware of the best way to wash their printed clothing – but fear not! This is a problem that can be avoided if you are given the correct advice, which is what we are here to do. We are going to give you some tips on what to do to slow down the process of your customised garments looking tired and worn, and keep them looking new and fresh! Remember to pass this info on to your customers, as they will thank you in the long run. The last think you want is for them to be upset that their brand new printed t-shirt looks ancient after just a few washes – be a good supplier, get in there first and give them the “heads up”.

Let’s take a look at 4 steps that can make a massive difference to keeping your custom branded t-shirts looking brand-new.

Flip your screen printed t-shirt inside out.
The first thing you want to do is turn your t-shirt inside out. Make sure that the screen printed design is facing the inside of the shirt and is protected from the majority of the detergent. This helps the print from fading due to direct exposure to detergent and hot water. It is also helps reduce the risk of any friction damage happening to the print, whether it be from rubbing against other clothes, buttons or zippers.

For best results, ALWAYS wash in cold water.
There are a couple of exceptions to this, but they are so rare that you are going to want to “live and die” by the always wash in cold water rule. By sticking to cold water, you’re going to be able to keep your designs looking much sleeker for much longer. Cold water is considerably gentler on the fabric, and also on the print, which will increase its longevity.

Resist all temptation to use a hot tumble dryer.
Please, do not put your printed clothing on the highest heat in the tumble dryer – you will regret it! We cannot stress enough this point about hot air and your printed garments. We suggest allowing yourself, and your garment, some time to dry the old fashioned way. NATURALLY! If you’re in a rush and you insist on using the tumble dryer to speed up the process, use a low heat setting and take the item out before they are completely dry to hang up or lay out to finish drying. High heat is probably the worst enemy of custom printed apparel (and most clothes).

Wash similar clothes together.
We’re not just talking about colours here. You’ve had the occasional “pink” socks and t-shirts due to an errant red clothing item sneaking in to the white was right? Haven’t we all! Colour separation is not the real issue here. Ideally, you want a load of washing to have similarly textured clothes to limit the amount of rubbing the item receives. Friction between fabrics is a quick way to create bobbles (also known as pills), and custom printed items could crack and peel from too much friction.

You might think we are writing about how to do your next wash, but it is important to take good care of your clothes and especially your favourite custom printed apparel. We want to ensure that you get the most wear and enjoyment out of your printed garments as possible, so we are always here to give tips and advice where possible! Head over to the contact section to get in touch if you need our help.


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