Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Business Blog

Our blog aims to help our business clients with marketing tips, trends, and tips. Since our outlet is our blog, we hope that you have one too and that you use it to communicate with your customers. Of course, it helps if people are listening and reading on a regular basis, so here are some tips for driving traffic to your business blog:

Keep Up the Content: The number one rule for a blog is to consistently add new content. This will keep readers coming back for more all the time. However, if you “fall off the blogging wagon”, don’t worry – jump back into it as soon as you can. One of the biggest mistakes is to not pick it up again or feel overwhelmed with catching up and put it off. When you get back to blogging, treat it just as if you started anew and post to your social channels and email list to let everyone know you are back. Not sure about what to post? Ask your readers, look to your past blogs for an update, include community events and news, and do an employee spotlight in addition to posting about your products, services, and company. Here are some more content marketing ideas.


Set Up an RSS Feed: Make it easy for people to subscribe to your blog and get notified whenever you launch a new post. By using email marketing as a form of blog outreach your customers are kept up to date with the latest trends, in our case with promotional products. With the help of email marketing you can target your emails so specifically that people only ever get sent things they’re interested in, making your open and click through rate better.


Add Your Blog to Your Website: Your blog should have its own link on your website. If you call the link or the section “latest news” or something other than “blog”, let your visitors and followers know often that this is your blog. The blog is a vital part of your website for several reasons. Blogs, when you can get them ranking, allow extra relevant traffic to your website and that’s why it’s so vitally important to include internal links to encourage these people to discover parts of the site other than the blog.


Add Your Blog to Your Social Channels: It goes without saying, but your blog link should be on your social channels in addition to posting a link for each blog post or update. Remember to highlight your blog in social posts, even if there isn’t anything new posted that day, not everyone of your followers sees everything every time you post. Mild repetition can help you reach more of your audience. At the same time, avoid changing your channels into an overload of blogs as this may discourage people from following you.

Link Back to Older Posts: Boost your blog traffic on all of your blog posts, not just the most recent one. Always try to link back to similar topics on your blog to enhance your reader’s’ experience.If you have Google analytics set up on your site, you can see which blogs get the most readers and you can outreach these more often to keep boosting your sites traffic numbers.

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