Personalised USB Sticks

With the digital age well and truly on us, USB flash drives – or ‘sticks’ – have become popular in offices and work spaces up and down UK pens.

USB’s made small enough to fit onto a key ring, USB’s are a perfect portable storage item, there also great for companies to make their presence at meetings, conferences etc. and with these little handy USB’s you can come to a meeting prepared with everything on your very own personalised USB stick personalised by us at Logo International.

Take a look at our USB’s on our Website here.

Personalised USB

USB’s are a stick design, with a 360⁰ rotating shell and no cap to lose. This is what most people imagine when they think of a USB Stick. The USB sticks we provide at Logo international are perfect for branding, and we can take the casing a lot further with bespoke deigns ideal for your company.

Fully Customised, bespoke shaped USB sticks are also more reasonably priced than ever, giving clients the benefit of having something truly unique which helps sell their brand.

Money Talks

Item Design and production time may vary from a customer’s point of view, having supplied USB’s and all other kinds of products in Logo International, USB’ always vary in price, as flash memory are high in price, pricing for USB’s always is changing. As ever with technology, reputable suppliers face an uphill battle with competitors who but corners to produce cheap and shoddy stock. At logo we aim to please customers, and listen to their requirements and our aim is to get their product to the best quality as possible, so they can get their value for money.

Under a cloud?

Some individuals like to carry portable versions of apps on their USB sticks and carry them around like tiny portable computers. This mean then you can plug your USB stick into any computer. USB’s are so handy and easy to use on a daily basis. At logo we would love to promote your business by personalising your own personal memory sticks and all other kinds of products!


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