The Peakender Festival

Thornbridge Brewery

Our friends at Thornbridge brewery have a festival which they run yearly in August. This year with our developing and growing relationship, they asked us to provide some promotional clothing for their staff. We have been dealing with Thornbridge for a while now, and it is an ever active and healthy relationship. They are very easy to get on with and we love working with them.

They gave us a heads up a couple of weeks before the festival that they needed some T-Shirts for their festival staff. Working closely with them, we sourced and developed a garment which would suit the ideal specification for the guys at the festival. A durable and comfortable garment that not only was a joy to wear but a joy to look at.

The Design of the logo was sent through by Thornbridge and we collaborated with our graphic designer to produce a visual to send back. The approval was quickly given and the production began. Working to a deadline to get the T-Shirts done before the start of the weekend festival, we assured Thornbridge to leave everything to us, so they could concentrate on organising the rest of the festival. With their confidence in us assured from previous projects, they knew the task was in good hands.

There is just something about doing a job right and to a good standard. Thornbridge in essence, needed some printed T-shirts. But they needed them at high quality and to a good durable standard. Using our network of operations we had the resources easily available to give the guys exactly what they wanted. A comfortable T Shirt advertising their brewery and the festival they had worked so hard to put together.

They were delighted! Staff members were very happy with the overall end result and the feedback we received was great. The festival was an resounding success and everyone who attended looked and felt the part. In essence another enjoyable and well done job by everyone involved. They were even kind enough to send us some pictures (above) of their staff wearing their T-Shirts.



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