The new range of Dog products

From personalised great quality dog bowls to dog collars and leads. With any design or name of your choice. Personalised just for your dog or should I say best friend. Read more to see the new range of dog products!

Personalised Dog collar/lead

When personalising dog collars and leads for customers we always pantone match the products, which means we always get the correct colour that you ask for right down to every pigment!

The collar comes in two sizes and can come without the reflective strip if needed, whereas the dog lead comes in 3 sizes, which is very thick polyester, which is a comfortable feel when walking your dog, and a lead you can finally trust to last a very long time.

Dog Bowl with names 

The dog bowl we have at logo international is a silicone feel which means, we have found a dog bowl that is eco-friendly! It also comes with a carabiner for if you was taking your dog out for the day and know he/she needed feeding and you can attach the bowl to somewhere close by, as well the carabiner can be used so that the bowl doesn’t slip if your dog is a very quick and messy eater! And knocks the food around and out the bowl because it keeps slipping. The problem is solved by this little amazing product!

Visit our website of our other doggy toys and products! That we can personalise for you if needed. Feel free to send up an email for a quote, any questions please do not hesitate and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Do you want to know answers to your questions straight away? Give us a call on  0115 940 2464 and speak to one of our lovely members of the team.


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