The Art of Selling?

Is This Still a Thing?

Selling. Is it still as current as it used to be, or have we as a society moved away from the idea of being sold to? Sales executives always seem to have had a bit of a stigma, albeit nothing to do with the individual themselves. But becoming a “sales executive” seems to be a much more common thing these days, it is just often dressed up with another fancy title. The end goal however is still the same, someone talking to you about something you may or may not want in a manner you may or may not understand. But is this really what people are looking for these days? Is this still the way we do business? More importantly, is this the way we want to do business?!

The Hard Sell and Sales Script

We’ve been around long enough now as businesses and customers to not have to deal with this. At LOGO there has been much deliberation about modern day societal behaviors when it comes to buying, selling and in general, good business. Like us, everyone has gone through the process of picking up phones to numbers you’ve never seen before or receiving emails that have been copied and pasted throughout sales teams across the country. Or at least you may know someone who has. The dull and often non productive amount of time spent listening to and or reading the hard sell script from an individual with whom you have no existing relationship, seems to do nothing but demotivate and dampen the mood of any potential customer. It’s just not done this way anymore. At LOGO we are trying to keep things fresh and current. There is a definite move towards the none scripted process of buying and selling with less time to work with and higher demands to meet. It’s time to meet this cultural shift head on.

Consultation – The Good C Word

“You need this, at this quantity, at this price but you can’t have for x amount of weeks” is a sales process we are all familiar with. But there is so much out there in terms of information and opportunities for people to take, so this approach is fast becoming an ancient method. The idea to keep in line with modern business is not to sell to customers, but to advise and offer a consultant service to them instead. At LOGO we are firm believers of this. We know you don’t want to get bogged down in the details of processes and fabrics all the time, but you want your bite size chunks of knowledge relevant to your brief and most importantly you. This is why we are changing our way of dealing with customers here at LOGO. We are here to help you meet your end goal, not tell you how you should meet it. By liaising with us, helping us understand you and your brief and by just getting to know us, you will see in no time we are consultants of the highest caliber. We treat you like a business partner and an indispensable asset with our only desire to work with you and prosper. We don’t want to sell you a range of garments you don’t really need, we want to get on board with your ideas, help grow them and use our knowledge to deliver them in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Does it Really Work?

Why don’t you be the judge!? Winning a 5 year uniform contract with Toyota UK seems to be testament to this method. With all our clients, we take our time to understand their needs and wants and offer our expertise to help them achieve their desired results. If you have a great idea for some promotional merchandise or clothing we want you to share it with us. Let us help you design and create a range of items that you can use at your disposal to help grow your business. Whether it’s face to face, on the phone, or via email, we are happy to work in the best way that suits you and your needs. We are not here to hard sell we are here to help.



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