Snap-on celebrates 100th year at their Franchisee Conference in Liverpool

Snap-on are celebrating their 100th year as a company this year and what a start to 2020 it has already been for them. They kicked off the year in usual fashion with their annual Snap-on Franchisee Conference. This time held in the vibrant City of Liverpool. LOGO found ourselves, as a long term and trusted supplier, invited along again to show off the garment range we have produced for the business. Using the 100-year logo supplied by Snap-on we designed and created a couple of pieces to add to the garment range commemorating the huge achievement of Snap-on reaching its centenary.

As previously mentioned we have worked with Snap-On for over a decade now and we have enjoyed it from the very beginning. Our relationship has gone from strength to strength and by working closely together, we have come up with new innovative ideas for products and garments that have been a massive success with the company. We love working with Snap-On and hearing first hand how successful the relationship is working and we love being part of such a massive company in a positive way.

So Day 1 of the SFC Conference

Day 1 of the Conference included a setup of our stand and a quick look round. Trying to get our bearings in such a big exhibition centre was a bit of a struggle, never mind dealing with all the Snap-on products we were trying to keep our hands off! We quickly got into the swing of things and soon found a few people milling around our stand. We started late in the afternoon and finished around 9pm, but it didn’t take long for us to get busy and have plenty of people come and see us. We got a real taste for the size and scale of Snap-on UK and suddenly the conference was flooded. With a massive Franchisee network this was hardly surprising, but it was a distinct reminder of how far and wide our garments and products reach.

Day 2 of the SFC Conference

An early start this time! Starting at 8am on the Saturday and working into the late afternoon gathering opinions and talking to many Franchisees about our products. We received a huge amount of feedback, well wishes and requests for more! With the conference in full swing, it was great being a part of it and getting in front of everyone. Around half way through the day we even managed to have a wander around to check out the rest of the conference to see just how well the occasion had been put together. We grabbed a social lunch and cracked on with the rest of the day. When all was said and done, we had a quick catch up with our Snap-on colleagues to discuss how well we all thought the conference had gone and to share some of the initial feedback we had received regarding our garments.

Once everything was finished it was time for the breakdown of the stand and to get our things all packed up and ready for the drive back the next day… …after one celebratory of drink water of course!

When all was said and done…

After the weekend finished, we had a bit of a day or two to catch up on things back at the office. Following this, we only have just finished our internal debrief discussing the events of the weekend. Hence the delay in putting up some information on the event.

We are so proud to be working side by side with Snap-on for all these years and we cannot thank them enough for letting us be part of their business. The feedback we received from the conference has been overwhelming and we can’t wait to carry the good news forward with more new innovative ideas. We really enjoyed ourselves this weekend, it was so great to see everyone again and get some really positive comments from even the end users of our garments.

2020 has started off in perfect fashion for the guys at Snap-on and our relationship with them has followed suit. We are already very excited to see what this year brings for us together. Until next time!



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