A while back a client came to us with a request for some clothing for a charity bike ride. Naturally we said yes straight away, but we wanted to find out a bit more about this charity bike ride. Having asked a few questions we suddenly found ourselves glued to our computer screens at the sheer might of what the Ride2Recovery was all about.

The Ride2Recovery is an 850Km bike ride through 4 countries with over 15000m of incline cycling. Needless to say, we all felt rather intimidated by just reading about the event. But it was too good an opportunity to pass up, we were tasked with providing some garments for the guys and girls cycling on this massive journey ahead.

Using our in-house design team and our production power we produced a design for the garments with the clients specification in mind. Something that was comfy to wear with a very long day cycling ahead but not forgoing any awareness being spread. Some of the design shots we had sent to our client can be seen below.

Everyone was thrilled with the garments, they looked great and provided some very inspirational people with a very inspirational look!

The ride was a massive success and it managed to raise over £100,000. An effort I am sure we can all agree is just staggering, if I could type something anywhere near the representation of a standing ovation I really would. It is simply incredible what people can do when they come together and how much of a difference they can make.

The Ride2Recovery was established in 2008 with the first ride being in 2009. It has always been a mammoth event that has generated a massive following and obviously achieved results. They raised money for the Aspire charity – which is a charity dedicated to providing practical help to people who have been paralysed by a spinal cord injury, and also the Tiny Tickers charity – who support the early detection and care of babies with serious heart conditions.

Rode2Recovery is a very present movement that is still hugely active, their instagram account is @ride2recoveryuk. The donation page is still active and receiving donations, so if my words haven’t done it justice have a look for yourself.


We can’t give praise enough when something like this happens, we can only be proud to have been a part in someway, well done you should all be very proud!



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