Report: Only one in ten marketers buying from garments decorators

Report: Only one in ten marketers buying from garments decorators

Only one in ten marketers buying from garments decorators: For two days of the Marketing Week Live show the British promotional Merchandise Association and images team quizzed the never ending queue of marketing professionals who were waiting for Andrew Clark of Fruit of the Loom to sublimate a T-shirt for them.

Educational Requirements

One of the most eye catching results from the survey was that of the people interviewed a full 11% were not able to name what technique had been used to brand any items of clothing that they had ordered in the past. It is always important to remember and learn about the products you are purchasing as you should always know your rights about your products.

Quality over cost

Happily, quality came out on top when buyers were opting to buy branded clothing with price next then style. Offering a client a lower price isn’t always an option its giving the client good quality of the product, the look feel and design for the client to know how much effort and passion that has been put into that product.

Most used processes

The technique that most people said they have used in the printing industry would be they’d used on branded garments with embroidery with 59% choosing stitch over print. Unsurprisingly, screen printing was next at 50%, followed by heat transfers which were at 28%.

We also discovered that 56% of the marketers buy their branded garments direct from gift suppliers, 17% from a promotional or design agency, 16% from an online supplier, and just 11% from a garment decorator.

Bespoke Potential

Another indication that decorators should be talking to clients more is that 72% said they could consider ordering bespoke garments; however 23% follow supplier recommendations, with 63% saying they research and select garments online and 8% using oriented catalogues for their research.

Garment Choices

T-shirts topped the garment charts with 76% of the responding people who have used them in the past year. Fifty –two percent had used polos over the same period, 31% hoodies, 24% Jackets, 11% shirts and blouses and 2% knit wear.


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