Recruitment Promotional Gifts: Something Special for Your New Employees

Nothing beats the power of promotional gifts in welcoming new employees and staff in your establishment. These custom items leave newbies with a great first impression in mind because of your warm welcome.

An organisational shirt, for example, can make anyone feel like they fit in the group. It gives a sense of belonging, which holds a huge importance in the workplace. This feeling attracts other positive emotions like happiness, satisfaction, and most importantly – productivity.

Wait, that’s not all… there’s one more reason why imprinted products work well as a recruitment gift. They also partake a big role in establishing a good working atmosphere and in starting off healthy working relationships.

How did we say so? Of course, we bet that at one point you have experienced the joy of landing your dream job. And we’re sure that you felt excited on your first day at work. This excitement was doubled when you received some training materials to guide you and promotional gifts to inspire you, right?

Truly, that’s how simple branded freebie items work their marketing magic. So if you’re looking forward to retaining your newly hired staff, consider gifting them practical promo products.

Here’s a list of useful and awesome recruitment giveaways that can attract, welcome, and retain your workforce:

1. Writing Pads

Logoed notebooks, daily journals and sticky notes deserve a spot in your marketing items list. From meetings to training’s and seminars, such writing pads will always come in handy. No matter what a person’s work is, he or she will need to write notes or ideas in a paper.

Recipients will find value on them because they stay with them whenever a writing task or research comes along. When you gift them to a new team member, you also make a statement about your organisation.

Make this essential tool everyone’s writing buddy. Have your logo engraved on the cover to stay top-of-mind!

2. Custom Pens

When it comes to doing researches, attending meetings, and taking notes, one always rely on one tool: a writing instrument. That’s why you should never disregard the idea of making custom pens one of your recruitment promotional gifts.

After all, what’s the use of a paper without a pen? So pair those imprinted notepads with metal ballpoint pens or budget pens. Your staff will use them at any time of the day, thus, reminding them of your generosity.

3. Lanyards

Giving out printed lanyards to your newly employed staffs is also a fantastic idea. Having these wearable promotional giveaways in your bag of freebies will not surprise the recipients that much. But, it will make them feel accepted and welcomed.

They hold end users’ ID badges, allowing for speedy identification. They can even hold car keys, locker keys or house door keys. What’s also about them is that your brand gets public attention every time recipients wear them on their necks.

Let your people speak for your business. Customise these lanyards with your logo and company information to make this happen!

4. Desk Accessories

Desk accessories as promotional gifts? Why not! These office essentials are yet another brilliant choice because they sit on recipients’ desk all day, every day. Plus, you’ll love to gift these since they associate your brand with hard work and productivity.

Printed desk items like calculators, paperweights, and letter openers have their own uses. But they have one thing in common… they make anyone’s work easy. They join them in their daily hurdle in the office and ease the gravity of their works somehow.

Execute excellent in-house marketing with these promotional items. Personalise them majestically for fabulous employee relations!

5. Mugs

Besides office and desk accessories, mugs are also highly visible promo giveaways. Working professionals use them as soon as they arrive in the office. And they still use them in the middle of the day, at night, or whenever they want.

This drinking ware saves them from the thirst and acts as their part-time buddy during busy hours. Whenever they thought of savouring a mouthful of coffee or hot drink, a mug always comes to the rescue.

Be with your employees in every sip of a coffee. Show off your logo on these promotional mugs in the best way possible.

Promotional Gifts for Employee Recruitment!

A lot has been said about the effectivity of promotional products. They make everything possible from attracting new clients to retaining existing customers and building healthy relationships with your own staffs.


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