Promotional Winter Items

For many, winter might spell the onset of frost bite and dark nights. However, in the world of promotional gifts, this change in season brings out new and exciting advertising possibilities.

There are a whole sleigh full of seasonal products which can be custom printed with your corporate branding and the great thing about winter giveaways is that they are often exceptionally practical by nature. When looking to purchase promotional items one key ingredient is to select those which are practical as these items are typically kept and used by recipients, often even year after year, therefore maximising your marketing investment.

Promotional hats

As the cold sets in who hasn’t dashed around the house sifting through cupboards and drawers trying to seek out their fleece hats. Headwear is always a great item to gift out during the winter months and due to its practicality you can always be assured that it will be well received.

Keeping warm with fleeces/coats

Ensure you keep your customers and employees as warm as toast this winter with a fleece jacket or sweatshirt. Embroidered with your corporate branding they represent a fantastic giveaway for the winter months and one which will be surely appreciated.  We work with one of the most recognised names in outdoor wear ‘Regatta‘
and our extensive range is bound to tick the right boxes.

Mugs to Go!

We all know how cold the weather can be during the winter period, from cold winds to snow and ice, winter is definitely the perfect time to be sat in a warm room at home with a steaming hot cup of coffee, tea or cocoa. However, not all us have this luxury. So for those people who have to continue to work especially outdoors, drinking a hot beverage on the go is one of the few ways to stay warm. As winter draws in one of the most appreciated gifts of all is a travel mug which will keep drinks warm and also hands.

Travel mugs can be custom printed with your corporate branding turning them into one of the hottest winter promotional items. With winter closing in fast there is no better time to order your promotional products from us and gift your customers a practical item that will certainly be well received.

There is so many items we can provide you with for the upcoming winter, from hats, scarfs, socks, mugs and much more we would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have for us related to winter promotional products.



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