Promotional Products – Support a Worthy Cause

Use Promotional Products to Support worthy Causes

Nowadays, businesses sometimes help establish a positive, hospitable public image by adding their names and/or logos to promotional clothing or products advertising a local charity or community event. This approach helps to raise the profile of the worthy cause. It also displays the company’s good nature.

Most people care greatly about supporting activities designed to benefit others. Perhaps you harbour concern for protecting an endangered animal species? Maybe members of your firm donate their time volunteering for a local charity? Possibly they coach youth sports or are involved in running a local sports club? These types of activities provide value to the public at large.


Without feeling mercenary, your company can rightly take credit for doing its part to help create a kinder and better world. Just consider these three popular examples of this approach:

The Value of Name Recognition

For example, how often have you observed this common scenario? A community group opts to sponsor an event to raise money for Cancer Research. The sponsors request donations from local companies and encourage community participation.

If your company offered everyone working on behalf of the campaign a specially designed free keychain branded with your logo, along with a request to provide support or donate to the charity, you might increase participation in the funding campaign. Your business is also likely to benefit from increased community esteem and name recognition. People who volunteered their time on behalf of the Cancer Research campaign would understand your company appreciated their goals. This could potentially get people talking about your business and could even result in some word-of-mouth recommendations for future campaigns.

Many companies today strive to lend their support to worthwhile causes in this way. A variety of promotional products can advertise a good cause, including promotional pens, mugs, T-shirts, golfing accessories, and more. As long as the sponsors of the charity welcome the additional publicity (and most do) your efforts can significantly increase public awareness about an important funding or promotional campaign.

Learn From Celebrity Spokespeople

Many well-known and widely beloved singers, film stars and other celebrities have adopted this strategy. Whilst speaking out on behalf of a cause they consider important, they also build their own individual brand or logo in a subtle, yet lasting way.

Almost all of us can recount the name of at least one or two famous people who have decided to promote an activity or public cause. Their actions sometimes indirectly benefit their own careers. Today, businesses small and large can take up this same tactic to gain more public recognition for a good cause, while also developing an engaging business image. Consider using promotional products such as branded bags, umbrellas and other items as gifts or prizes to make this type of campaign more effective in your community.

A Concrete Example: Sports Stadiums

Finally, an extreme illustration demands attention. Businesses seeking community name recognition through favourable associations sometimes even pay for the privilege of attaching their company name to a sports arena or other large facility. Perhaps your company sponsor a charitable golf tournament or a football match?

In this situation, you might consider selling promotional clothing with your official logo advertising the event. Last year, we produced a huge range of t-shirts for Coca Cola in support of the Euro 2016 football games. These included designs for France, Germany, Belgium, England and more!


Many other available thematic promotional products could help you raise public awareness about the event, and to advertise it.

The Future

The benefits for using promotional products intelligently on behalf of worthy causes are huge for businesses. Explore them with us and use our contact page to get in touch and we will do our best to provide you with all the promotional merchandise you need!


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