Which Promotional Products are Suitable for Outdoor Events?

Outdoor events such as festivals, concerts and fairs attract huge crowds — we’re talking thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of people. Those of you who aren’t already taking advantage of such an ample advertising and promotional opportunity should definitely consider doing so in the future. What better time to take advantage of it than now? Summer 2017 is fast approaching – check out or latest blog “Hot Products for summer 2017” for some great promotional product ideas!

Let’s use the music festival Wireless as an example. Since 2005, Wireless has been rocking London and bringing fans from all over to enjoy not only the music, but the whole experience of the festival itself. It’s the friends made, the food that’s eaten, the merchandise bought, and all of the activities at Wireless that keep its chosen venue utterly packed for three days straight! You know what that means? That’s three entire days to get your company name out there. Promote, promote, promote!

Here are a few items we think would be great for promotional products at an outdoor event:

Drawstring Backpacks

This item will come in handy without a doubt! People are bound to win or buy some sort of merchandise at concerts and festivals. Whether iBagbase drawstring backpackt’s a poster, CD or t-shirt, attendees won’t want to carry it around under their arms the entire day. A personalised backpack rids people of that problem so that they have free arms to walk around with food and beverages (or dance around in the front row), whilst knowing all of their possessions are safely tied in their drawstring backpack. This promo item is also useful to hold other giveaways you may have distributed, this way they don’t end up trampled in the mud next to half-eaten pizza and empty beer cans.

Water Bottles

400ml plastic drinking bottleWhat happens when people are standing, dancing or jumping around outside in hot weather for long periods of time? They get thirsty. There might well be water fountains around, but people get tired of walking back and forth for water and don’t want to risk missing their favourite performance or lose out on their front row view. A great way to keep them from missing out on anything important is by handing out a water bottle with your logo, which will get lots of use. Preventing dehydration at outdoor events and promoting your company at the same time is a definite win-win.

Belt Bag

These days, carrying wallets and purses to festivals and outdoor events carries the risk of losing everything in it that is a necessity. Identification, money, ATM cards and all of the other important stuff people carry in their wallets and purses. Not forgetting the dreaded change that weighs it down and is inevitably the Belt bag with adjustable webbing beltcause of it falling out of their back pocket and into some unsuspecting person’s possession. Let’s face it – losing your wallet on a normal day is frustrating enough, so imagine how much more frustrating it’s going to be for people who are at an event for 3 days straight with no other access to funds. That’s where you come in to save the day with this promotional miracle. Belt bags (aka bum bags in the 1980’s) are great for keeping money, cards, tickets, ID and any other important fiddly item in one place, without the need of having to check if it’s still safe every 5 minutes. With an adjustable belt, large main pocket and even a back zip pocket, people can dance around, enjoy the weather and the music whilst knowing all of their important personal items are clipped safely around their waist where they can keep an eye on them. Belt bags are a great way to promote your company at concerts, festivals and outdoor events with a stylish and useful fashion accessory.

Polyester Folding Leisure ChairFolding Leisure Chair

How many people do you see at festivals and outdoor events sitting around on the floor? Now think about how many of those people actually want to sit on the floor. Although it’s sometimes seen as part of the experience, sitting around on the floor when having a bite to eat probably isn’t the way a lot of festival goers like to do it. Especially if the unpredictable nightmare that is the British weather decides to bring rain, because rain means mud – sludgy, wet, thick mud. We’re willing to bet that no one wants to sit in that. Enter the folding leisure chair. Because hardly anyone will bring a chair with them as it’s just extra baggage to lug around, and no one is thinking of chairs when the excitement of going to a festival dawns on them. This means that the foldable chair is a great way to promote your company whilst giving people what they need – a comfortable rest between performances and a decent chair to sit in whilst they eat.

Choosing your Giveaways for Outdoor Events

You have to be smart about your giveaways if you’re choosing an event like Wireless Festival. For example, you probably shouldn’t hand out stress balls to a bunch of teenage boys waiting to see Section Boyz. When it comes to concerts, festivals, fairs, and outdoor events, you have to think about who you’re trying to reach. Research is important – DO IT! Think about if the crowd will consist of mixed age groups, or just one in particular. Always make sure that your findings are consistent with your promotional goals. Think about the weather, too, and find ways to benefit masses of people while promoting your company.

These are just a few promotional products you could hand out at a festival or outdoor event, whether it’s as huge as Wireless or not. It could even be for a promotional BBQ event – whatever accessories you need to make it work, we’re here to help. For more giveaway ideas for fairs and concerts, try to think of things that would benefit your company’s promotional needs, and your target audience, and keep rocking!


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