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We all have that certain pen we love to write with, that’s suits your hand writing, we have various pens to choose from at Logo International.  Promotional Pens always come in different styles shape and verities.

Branded pens for business, events and corporate gifts are a fantastic way to promote your company or brand. We sell a range of top selling promotional branded pens at special promotional prices. Our ranges of branded promotional pens are all available to be printed with your personal artwork or logo, and offer a cost effective branded pen solution. Our selections of branded pens are available from prices as little as 10p per unit and include the popular Contour, Revolve, Prestige and Velocity pens. Branded pens are an extremely effective marketing tool to give as a gift to potential clients. Browse our collection of special offers and order yours today, our team are on hand to help with any enquires from large bulk orders to small batch production.

Time and again, we’ve been able to show that promotional marketing still works. Even in the 21st Century. Even in the year 2017. Even though technology is everywhere – giving a promotional gift still strikes a connection than nothing else can really match.

But sometimes, I get the feeling that even people who seem to be happy to embrace this are just a little bit sceptical.

The Pen Today

If you were to choose a pen today, especially when it comes to choosing a, you’ll find that you’re spoiled for choice with all the different types – types which are defined by the various point or tip that they have.

Ballpoint Pens

The modern classic is the ballpoint pen, which is probably the most common pen that people use for their everyday writing. Crafted from steel, brass, or tungsten carbide, these pens dispense ink after it’s passed through a small rolling sphere, or a ball – hence the name.

Fountain Pens

Then there’s the wild card of the fountain pen which only uses water based ink and delivers its ink through a nib. Thanks to gravity, the ink finds its way through a thin slit in the pen’s head which once applied to a piece of paper, produces something truly unique.

In terms of pens, this is the epitome of style.

Felt Tips

Then we move on to the felt tip, which as the name suggests has a tip made out of felt. These markers are also categorized by the thickness of the tip – the smallest, dubbed fine-tip markers can be used on paper while the medium tipped pens are the ones that are suitable for colouring and drawing, and the largest are the ones you’d find being used to write on a whiteboard.


Roller ball Pens

Otherwise known as the gel pen, this type of pen is made to dispense a water based ink in a very similar way to how a ball point does it. Because of the ink, which is also called ‘gel ink’, writing across paper with these pens is one of the smoothest you’ll ever experience.


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