Promotional Items for Trade Shows

Promotional items are a must have for trade shows for a variety of reasons. Not just do you want your exhibition stand to stand out from the rest, but giving people a little token to remember your company by is always appreciated. How many times have you spoke to companies at a trade show then completely forgot about them until you go home and start looking through the freebies you’ve collected throughout the day? That’s where Logo can help you.

Promotional Keyrings

Promotional keyrings are the perfect choice of promotional item to give away to your potential customers at trade shows. Not just are they cheap to produce (starting at just 29p per unit) but they have a large, open area to display your company branding and/or message. They are small and easy to carry around, and let’s be honest we all love a nicely designed keyring! With a variety of styles and shapes to choose from, we can fully customise your promotional keyring to suit your business perfectly.


Promotional Pens  

Promotional Pens are a business must-have. Most offices around the UK will have a box of branded promotional pens that are used by staff and left in meeting rooms for clients/customers. Branded pens are still a firm favourite at trade shows with the majority of companies offering free pens to potential customers. Again, branded pens are cheap to produce starting at just 14p a unit and are a promotional product that will be used over and over again. We can provide budget style plastic pens or luxury metal promotional pens, all fully customisable for your company branding.

Promotional Mugs

Branded mugs are a slightly more expensive option in terms of giveaway promotional items, but are still a firm favourite at trade shows. We provide our clients with the highest quality drinkware, specially selected due to its durability. Promotional mugs popular due the fact they have a large surface area that can be utilised in various ways to suit your companies branding and message. Starting at just £1 per unit, they’re a promotional item that will get maximum exposure due to their recurring use, especially when kept in an office environment.

Promotional Stress Aids

A great promotional product that we all appreciate having round the office are promotional stress aids. Coming in a variety of shapes, styles and colours to suit your company and starting from just 41p per unit it’s easy to see why this is a popular giveaway choice. We even offer themed stress balls including the football, bowling pin and anti-stress hard hat. Stress aids are a truly useful promotional product that can and will be used regularly by your customers.

Promotional Badges & Flags

Of course, as well as finding the perfect promotional product to give away at trade shows  you need to make sure your stand looks the part and gives an insight into your brand. We provide promotional flags, pennants, badges and sashes to help to decorate your stand in a unique and eye-catching way.

Promotional Clothingpromotional clothing

From first entering the trade show your potential customers will be seeing a myriad of impressive and well-thought stands – so you need yours to stand out. They will be looking at everything from the stand itself, your give away items, your decorations and most importantly, your staff. Get your staff to wear promotional clothing including your logo and company name – even if they don’t have to wear a work uniform on a day to day basis. This re-establishes your brand, and stops people from awkwardly wandering past your stand, unsure whether your staff are with the company or just browsing themselves. It looks professional, smart and our high-quality clothing can be used over and over again.

Contact Logo for all your promotional products at great prices. Our helpful team are on hand at any time to advise you on the latest promotional products and the best way to market them, so give us a call today on 0115 940 2464 or visit our contact us page for more details.


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