National Tea Day 2017 – Branded Tea Bags

According to a study carried out by the UK Tea & Infusions Association last year, the British drink approximately 60.2 billion (yes, billion) cups of tea per year. That’s 165 million cups of tea being consumed PER DAY! Now when we tell you that we have a day dedicated to celebrating tea you shouldn’t be too surprised. Friday 21st of April 2017 is National Tea Day (honestly, it’s got its own website and everything), a celebration of Britain’s national drink. To celebrate, we have created a range of branded tea bags for some of our clients which you can see below.

Referring back to the UK Tea & Infusions Associations findings, the largest producer of tea in the world is China, with 2,230,000 tonnes. India is runner up with 1,191,100 tonnes and Kenya takes bronze, producing 399,210 tonnes (based on 2015 production). Impressive, right?

The cuppa is as much about the ritual of making it as the taste, and as such you should give it due care. Whether you like the typical brick-coloured builders’ tea, or you’re used to people asking if you’d like some tea with that milk, we think you should celebrate this national tea day in style. We have some great promotional tea bags available to you that have great print areas for maximum brand exposure. This means that you can promote your business, whilst giving all of your fellow Brits (and non-Brits alike) what they want most on 21st April 2017 – TEA!

We have access to a great variety of tea, ranging from Earl Grey and Green Tea to Fruit flavour, to suit all of your tea needs. They also come in different shaped tea bags, such as square, triangular and even individual 3-dimentional pyramid packaging! We can apply your company logo or slogan to the packaging, and then you’ll be ready to hand them out as freebies or promotional giveaways to your clients. Take a look below at the tea bags we produced for Fifteen Design.


Such a simple but effective design. Showcasing vibrant colour and bold lettering (sticking with the company’s theme) to make the brand stand out as much as possible.

Although not available on our website, we can provide you with photos and samples of any designs you might like to see with unique branding and colours of your choice. Tea is not only drank by employees throughout offices in the UK, but also offered out as refreshment to visitors such as potential clients, suppliers and business partners. So what bettertea way to promote your business than with a unique branded tea bag as a take away freebie, or in a welcome pack to business partners and clients.

Celebrate National Tea Day with all of your contacts with this unique promotional product. You can even get your own branded promotional mugs to go with your tea bags – these go hand in hand together for maximum impact, in order to promote and advertise your business in style.



A mug and set of tea bags designed and produced for Fifteen Design.

There may be MOQ’s on some of the styles, so head to our contact page to get in touch with us and get your free quote.


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