Keeping It Fresh

Snap-on have been a long standing and valued customer of ours for many years now. A prosperous and mutually beneficial relationship has been built since day one and we are proud to have them standing among our clientele. We are the provider of their workwear range and we have sourced and manufactured thousands of garments and products over the tenure of our relationship. We really value their business so we decided to try something a bit different a come up with an idea to further enhance the service we provide.

The Light Bulb Moment

The normal process for ordering workwear seemed to be asking for someone to order something through someone else who then spoke to someone else. I know, a bit tedious right? So to try and minimise confusion or losing of information, we thought a visual aid my help. We decided to collate a load of the garments we offer to Snap-on and create a brochure for them to use and distribute across all their sites. This being totally bespoke to Snap-on as a client.

The Result

Using the resources available to us we created a brochure type booklet containing the workwear we have made available for Snap-on to use. The idea being to make the process a bit simpler and put all options and information available to Snap-on in one place. Thus sending these out to the relevant Snap-on premises became the next task for LOGO. Talking with Snap-on and telling them about our idea they were thrilled and they expressed their delight at the final product. The remaining brochures were distributed throughout the network and now there is a much more tangible and simpler way of seeing what workwear is available and how to order it.

We are really delighted with this result as it is a top quality product and it shows how dedicated we are to our clients. We love everyone we work with and we want to make everyone we work with feel valued. It is something like this that not only expresses our dedication to our customers, but also shows our ability to create and deliver bespoke new ideas which can not only benefit us, but benefit the customers also. It’s always great to see work appreciated and business relationships grow, but to get it to a stage where you can work in conjunction to create things not even originally thought of is just ideal.

Another great highlight of the way we like to work and how in-tune we are with our customers needs.



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