Hot products for summer 2017

With the sun starting to make a regular occurrence and all the talk about this year’s festivals, I think we all know that summer is fast approaching. We thought we’d use this as an opportunity to give you a heads up on the hottest up-and-coming products for summer 2017. The products we’re about to talk about in this blog will be great for all your summer related promotional clothing and event merchandise needs. Whether you want to use a product to promote your business at a festival, sell in-store as a one off summer product, or just to hand out as giveaways to entice potential clients/business partners, we will do our best to provide everything you require.

So let’s take a look at the leading products for what we hope will be the hottest season of the year.



Although sunglasses originated in the U.S. they have become equally as popular over here in the UK for all of the same reasons, and more.  Which is why we know they will be perfect for all of your promotional product needs. On a bright sunny day, anyone forgetting their shades at a promotional event will be delighted to find you giving out your printed promotional sunglasses.

The History of the Sunglasses
Written evidence shows that China started using sunglasses beginning in the 12th century. The first pair was made of flat panes of quartz; they were worn mainly for sun protection.

Sunglasses took off in the 20th century. Sam Foster started mass- production of the eye-wear in America in 1929, and from then on other companies started making sunglasses too. By 1938, Life magazine wrote of how sunglasses were a “new fad for wear on city streets … a favorite pretense of thousands of women all over the U.S.” It stated that 20 million sunglasses were sold in the United States in 1937, but estimated that only about 25% of American wearers needed them to protect their eyes.

Promotional Sunglasses
Whether they’re worn whilst driving, at festivals or on holiday, everyone soon develops a need for sunglasses during summer. Sunglasses are a multi-functional, stylish product that would without a doubt be a great promotional idea for your company.

Promotional Sunglasses are a great way to add brand awareness to any outdoor event. Printed sunglasses make an ideal giveaway and are available in a wide choice of designs (and colours) or can be pantone matched for larger orders. We can supply high quality branded sunglasses which make a perfect corporate gift; alternatively we have a large range of plastic promotional sunglasses. To add extra value we can offer customised sunglass pouches printed with your company logo or message.



Many promotional products have a fascinating history, including the good old Frisbee. The story of how the Frisbee was invented and named spans almost 90 years and goes from an East Coast Ivy League university to the beaches of California. In 1871, William Russell Frisbie was hired to manage the Olds Baking Company in New Haven, Connecticut. He bought the company and renamed it “Frisbie Pie Company”. Ironically, the Frisbee was not named, invented or owned by anyone directly connected to the Frisbie Pie Company. However, this company contributed to the flying disc we know today!

So, how did it all begin?
During the good old days, people had to be creative and make their own toys. Frisbie’s pie tins made decent, if somewhat dangerous, throwing discs. On the campus of Yale University, students would often throw the empty pie tins towards one another, yelling “Frisbie” in much the same way you might hear someone yell “fore” before taking a swing in golf.

William Frederick “Fred” Morrison was in Los Angeles with his girlfriend in 1937, tossing a pie tin on a beach with his then-girlfriend, Lucille Nay. Suddenly, a passer-by offered to buy the tin from them for twenty-five cents. Fred saw an opportunity and by 1939, the two of them had made enough money from selling their “Flyin’ Cake Pans” to get married. Eventually, Fred would change the name of his invention to “Pluto Platters.”

Unfortunately, Fred Morrison wasn’t as gifted at marketing his Pluto Platters as he was at building them. However, in 1955, Richard Knerr and A.J. “Spud” Melin found Morrison in downtown Los Angeles, selling his Pluto Platters on the street. After talking business, Morrison agreed to sell the rights for his Pluto Platter to Knerr and Merlin’s fledgling toy company, Wham-O. At first, the discs didn’t sell any better for Wham-O than they had done for Morrison, but during a trip to the East Coast Knerr heard about college students “Frisbie-ing.” With no idea of the origins of the term (or even how it was spelled), Knerr re-named the Pluto Platter a “Frisbee.”

Promotional Frisbees
Promo Frisbees have a great advertising space, whether you are on the beach or in your back garden they can be fun to throw around and expose your brand all the time. There is plenty of printing space and a wide range of styles available, from boomerang and plastic competition Frisbees, to foldable nylon Frisbees. There’s a Frisbee for everyone and they are a great way to promote your company during the summer months. So get in touch today, let us know exactly what you’re looking for and we will do all of the work.  Your Frisbees will be screen printed, packed and delivered to you ready for summer!


promotional-water-bottleWater bottles

Like any promotional giveaway, in order to get the most bang for your marketing pounds, it is important to choose a water bottle that will be the best possible fit for your intended audience. Upon first glance, it may seem like all water bottles serve the same purpose, but different water bottles offer different features that make them better suited for various uses and environments. If you are planning on using branded water bottles for an upcoming promotion, we recommend you first check out a couple of the water bottles below to help you make the best decision for your brand!

A bottle that travels well
If you travel a lot for business, you are no stranger to £3.00 bottles of water at the airport. Having a good water bottle for travel is handy for anyone, but especially for those who travel regularly for business. When traveling, the biggest thing to keep in mind is space—you don’t want a bulky water bottle that is heavy to carry or that takes up too much room in your bag while not in use. The 14 Oz. Foldable plastic water bottle is the perfect solution for traveling; when empty, this bottle folds flat and can be rolled into storage or clipped to your bag. The pop-up drink spout makes it easy to drink out of while on the go! This item is budget friendly and has a large print area to ensure maximum brand exposure.

A Bottle to complement active lifestyles
For athletes and others who enjoy an active lifestyle, having a good water bottle that can accompany you to sports practice, the gym, and on a run or bike ride is important. Also, these are all activities people will be taking part in coming up to the summer months. Perfect! Consider the lid type when choosing a water bottle for athletes because it is important for the water bottle to keep them hydrated without slowing them down. A push/pull top is ideal for drinking while on the go because it allows the user to easily take a sip of water without stopping. The 400ml drinking bottle is perfect for sports programs, road races, bikers and more. Its large size allows the user to have enough water for their whole workout, it is made of plastic and comes with a handy built in compass and freezer pack feature.

These are only a couple of suggestions from a wide range of water bottles that we have available to brand with your print of choice. What features do you look for in a promotional water bottle? Do you have a promotional water bottle that you love? Get in touch and share with us!


Tote Bagspromotional-tote-bags

There are so many promotional products to choose from but a branded tote or shopper bag provides a much larger canvas for your marketing messages. Over the summer months it will be seen by so many people, and it will continue to be used all year round – not just when the sun is shining! A promotional bag also provides a superior canvas – it has more space for artwork and your marketing messages than other promotional merchandise.

Make the most of the summer crowds flocking to festivals, events, beaches and parks. Hand out free bags containing other promotional items, or give them away in exchange for an email address. Whatever works for your product & brand.

Summer is a great time to host your own event. They give you a chance to talk to people, show them what you do and create some brand awareness. Think about where you’ll be meeting your target audience and what their needs are to help you decide on the best style of bag to promote your business.

Tote bags are the perfect size for trips to the park, shopping and carrying swimming gear. Often used as goodie bags – they are a great all-rounder for everyday use.


We recently uploaded a post explaining the benefits of promotional clothing, and among reasons such as large print areas and bright colouring, another important reason is brand exposure.

As we enter the summer months, promotional clothing such as vests will be big on the market due to the hot weather. Which means this would be a great promotional product for marketing your business and getting your brand recognised as far and wide as possible. Summer also brings events such as festivals, beach parties and outdoor charity events, which all give you the perfect opportunity to bring out your promotional vests. Events such as fund-raising runs and walks open up a great moment for you to offer your printed vests out as giveaways to all the runners that take part. Festivals, beach parties and other events like these give you a great opportunity to sell your vests as mementos or even have staff wear them to further promote your brand. This will entice people into wanting to know more about who you are and what you (as a company) are all about.

Let us know about YOU, your message and your audience and we’ll see what product ideas we can come up with for your next festival, campaign or event!



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