High Exposure Promotional Items

A huge part of any successful exposure based marketing campaigns is setting targets and objectives for exactly what your business wants to achieve from the campaign. We’re going to be outlining some of the best high exposure promotional items to use to support your marketing campaigns:

  1. Promotional Bags


Credit: Ralph Lauren

Promotional bags are a great high-exposure promotional product that can easily be incorporated into your brand exposure campaign.

Big brands, such as Fred Perry and Ralph Lauren use what we’d class as promotional bags as products, charging customers a premium price for the product due to their logo being displayed on it. Their brands are known for being top of the line, and all their products are exclusive to their brand, making them extremely appealing to people who want to appear to be associated with such values.

Other promotional bags include the bags in which your products are gave to you in, whether this be a branded plastic carrier bag or Primark style paper bag. Brands work hard to make their product bags stand out as much as possible, as well as being appealing to their target audience. JD Sports for example, a popular sports and menswear brand offer their customers drawstring bags in a variety of styles that are extremely appealing to their customers, and are often used more than once to carry items other than the store merchandise.

Finally, the environment is an extremely important matter worldwide, and companies often seek to associate themselves with caring and being involved in saving our planet. This being said, a lot of brands have started producing reusable shopping bags, and either giving these away or selling them at a very small cost to their customers. This way, every time your customers go shopping, they’re displaying your company’s logo – whilst reinforcing the original idea that you’re providing products to help to save the environment.

  1. Promotional Clothing

Again, promotional items are used in a variety of ways to boost a brands exposure. As with the above, a lot people will buy a piece of clothing just for the branding – and so they can be associated with the values that brand holds.

Ralph Lauren is a great example of this, and their polo shirts are an extremely popular item amongst young men. Sports brands are also a good example of this, with the likes of Adidas and Nike selling a range of trainers and clothing all covered in their logo to make them more appealing to their target audience.

Other promotional clothing includes workwear – this is a great way to get your company name out there, whilst associating it with the types of services/products you provide. For example, we provide high visibility jackets which are great promotional clothing items for construction and engineering companies. These high-vis jackets are worn at all times whilst workers are on a site, meaning they will get plenty of visibility from passers-by as well as other teams working on the site. Other high exposure workwear that we can provide includes aprons, chef whites, suits, healthcare tunics and much more.

  1. Promotional Pens

What’s the most effective way to have your brand displayed in every office in the country? Promotional pens.  This product allows you to infiltrate other businesses easily, with your brand ending up prominently placed on someone’s desk for lengthy periods of time.

Stationary like pens also often get shared around the office, increasing your exposure, and are incredibly useful items – meaning your brand is adding value to the recipient audience. Pens are easy to carry around and it’s likely that your employees will have one on them at all times, unlike other promotional merchandise (such as mugs or bags) which may only be brought out at special events. This stationary is relatively low-cost to produce and can be brought in bulk, meaning you can keep high amounts in stock and afford to give out a huge amount of promotional materials.

  1. Promotional Drinkware

Branded drinkware is a staple and (highly-used) item of promotion. These items make great gifts or conference giveaways and are perfect to use as a means of networking and provide potential clients with a token to remember your company by.

Mugs are a standard piece of crockery but as healthy lifestyles become more prominent the trend of branded water-bottles has risen, and these items now prove incredibly popular too. Drinkware is extremely durable and lasting compared to other promotional materials, many of which are disposable with a short life-cycle. Mugs, flasks and bottles can stay with a user for years – giving you the maximum exposure timeline.

  1. Promotional Office Supplies

With a brand-exposure based campaign it can be easy to focus solely on promotional products to outreach to potential leads, whilst forgetting that there are other effective ways of building exposure that starts much closer to home: with your own offices. Complimentary to promotional pens, promotional stationary gives a sense of uniformity within your business and brings your brand to the forefront of the office environment.

Branded office stationary can give employees a sense of prestige and pride, particularly when representing their company in front of others. Pads, folders, power banks and card-holders can all be taken out to meetings and used in engagement with clients, exposing your brand and providing brand consistency which can raise your credibility against your peers. Branded supplies also give a great lasting impression when you have clients visiting the office, and officialise even the most mundane items.

As many of these items are ones you’d need to stock anyway for the day-to-day working environment, such as a notepad collection or folders, they are relatively cost effective to purchase. You can buy them in bulk and the cost for receiving them branded is only a small amount more than their unbranded counterparts.



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