A while ago an opportunity came about for LOGO through one of many industry connections. A colleague of the company is involved in the running of a local Lincoln football team. They were eagerly awaiting the new season but they were looking for sponsorship. Most amateur football teams need financially backing regularly by the players, parents, friends etc. It suddenly becomes very expensive just to play the game which so many love worldwide, so any contributions are welcome.

The colleague of LOGO approached us and asked us if we wanted to help sponsor the team for the upcoming season, or even just contribute to the teams upkeep. With this approach made, there was no room for any deliberation, the team was to be sponsored! With such a cause being so relatable to the staff here at LOGO there was no hesitation from saying yes to the request.

The company made a generous donation to the whole team which would last them the whole season. Not only that, LOGO helped organise for a new team kit to be made and gave the boys a freshly printed and revamped look for the upcoming season. The team and staff are made up and we are really happy with how the kit has turned out.

A couple of staff members have since been down to watch the team play and have commented not only how good the kit looks, but how high the standard of football they play is! A few games of the season will definitely be visited by us and we would love to be of more help if we can in any way.

It is so important to sometimes have a great work life balance, and sometimes mixing business with pleasure can work as long as the reasoning is sound. Giving back to the community or helping a friend is not a bad thing, it can leave a lasting impact on those exposed to the help given. We love to help out wherever we can, but this is just a great example of how we want to help our friends and how we can help others.

We wish the lads at Lincoln all the success for the upcoming season and are looking forward to coming and watching a few games. If you are interested in popping down to have a look for yourselves and make your own contributions, you can find the fixture list below.



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