Geberit Merchandise

A relatively new customer of ours, Geberit are a Swiss multinational company that are leaders in Europe in its manufacturing exploits. A company we had been working with to try and grow our relationship. The relationship building led to the guys at Geberit asking for some products from us. This time on the merchandise side of things, we were tasked with producing a range of products for the guys with their logo branded across all the items included.

We were asked to provide a range of options that we could create to meet our clients needs which spanned initially over 20 items! We did this using our vast network of connections to pull together affordable, good quality products that we thought would suit the criteria. A bit communicating further and we had whittled down the list to specific products required. Mass produced merchandise in the thousands that needed to be Geberit branded and up to scratch.

Items included were:

-Cotton Tote Bags
-USB Sticks
-Embroidered Knitted Beanies
-30cm Scale Metal Rulers
-A5 PU Embossed Notepads
-Double Walled Drinks Bottles
-A4 Conference Folders

We were really excited to get into the merchandise side of the business. Often coming across as a question of “you guys don’t do these do you….” we are always excited to show how far our capabilities can reach. A welcome order from the guys at Geberit and another chance to get to work with them and show them what we can do. We hope the guys really enjoy the products!

Have a look at some of the finished examples below:



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