Franklin & Sons Ltd

That’s Different?

Most people associate us with clothing and workwear. Whilst we would probably say this is our A game, it doesn’t mean we can’t bring our high standards into other projects. It is always nice to be able to say “Yes, of course” when a client asks “can you just?”

Global Brands are a massive company that have huge audiences and large scope for products. They are also another great example of the kind of people we thrive off working with. Providing different and top quality products for a multitude of purposes.

The image below was a visual with both parties creative energy flowing in to. It gave the guys at Global an idea of what we can do for them, but it also gave us an understanding as to what kind of things we were going to need to get our teeth into.

Needless to say, both sides were happy with what was displayed and it was now up to LOGO to produce the cushioned bar stools as requested. Using industry experience and relationships, a product was quickly developed and supplied to Global Brands Franklin & Sons Ltd.

LOGO were delighted with the product, as were Global Brands. They were so delighted with the result that production of further products featuring the likes of blankets, aprons and even some promotional clothing was then put in place. In addition to this, more branches of the Global Brands company where then trusted to LOGO and the relationship has since grown further.

The result and process mentioned above is a great example of how we love to work. Great people, creative ideas and importantly, efficiently an effectively meeting the clients brief to create a lasting impact. We love making new relationships and we love to make them grow.



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