Computerised Embroidery – What are the Benefits?

Creative techniques and materials allow us to embroider even the fanciest of logos. An appropriate technique of computerised embroidery gives the freedom of creating the smallest and most complicated project.

How does computerised embroidery work?

The desired design is created using specialised digitising software. Artwork is then interpreted in stitches by charting a route that the embroidery machine needles will take when stitching the design and applying machine functions like colour changes. Then, it can be easily embroidered on a selected part of clothing. We can embroider anything from a logo or an image, to an inscription or slogan.

One of our eight-headed computerised embroidery machines.What products work best with computerised embroidery?

Computerised embroidery is perfect for any part of clothing. It’s highly durable and brings clients ideas to life extremely well. A  prepared and structured logo along with high quality thread and skilled embroiderers ensures a great result. Embroidering your logo gives the assurance of precision and saves time. We have three eight-head embroidery machines that are running constantly, five days a week. This is the key to producing the excellent quality of computerised embroidery that is created here at Logo.

Thanks to this technique, big orders are not a challenge. This means that the precision and professional look of Logo’s embroidery creations can continue.

How to ensure high quality results.

The best quality can be achieved by designing a logo which can be used on different pieces of clothing and different materials i.e. t-shirts, towels, sweatshirts, formal shirts or jackets. Excellent quality ensures of the long-lasting effect, durable colour and quality even after repeated washing. Computerised embroidery gives employers an opportunity to create a consistent appearance of their employees. It also ensures that promotional clothing and merchandise are simple and have a positive impression on the company.

If you have a design in your head that you want to bring to life, head over to the contact page and get in touch. One of our friendly sales team will be happy to guide you through the process and help with anything you need.


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