Why Choose a Promotional Umbrella?

Promotional Umbrellas – From a give-away promotion gifts to something that will stay with a customer for years, promotional umbrellas offer everything you’d want from a marketing product! Umbrellas are used nearly every month so they are an essential within everybody’s lifestyle!

Amazing Value

Rain is pretty much guaranteed all year in the UK, so you can imagine using an umbrella daily is a great investment. As little as a cost of just 4p per use a year.  How can you grumble at a price like that. Any ideas and creations for personal or business reasons we can always meet your requirements, why not be proud to show off your creative design or company logo?

Huge Exposure

Every day that it rains you are showing off your amazing promotional and personalized umbrella, that can be made by ourselves!. An amazing quality and perfect designing, you name it, we can quote and carry out

Long Lasting promotional umbrellas

With a storm-proof umbrella, even if it blows inside out our fibreglass ribs let you use your brolly over and over. Letting you get the most out of the umbrella, giving you even more value for your money.

With print sizes in excess of 300mm there’s no chance of missing-displaying your brand, or design that you have chosen for us to create for yourself. Having be allowed such a nice amount of size for your logo/design, knowing you will get amazing and outstanding picture quality.

All our umbrellas are fully customizable and we have a range of colours to choose from. For more information about our promotional product range, visit our website or email Kirby@logouk.com


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