How to pick the right branded clothing for your business

There are various common options for corporate clothing and which will suit your business will heavily depend on your industry and brand image. The following are some of the most common types of branded clothing, what they say about your business and the types of companies that might choose them.

Promotional caps

Branded caps give a relaxed but professional impression and are popular with a number of business types, including delivery firms and many restaurants. They also have the added advantage of helping with food hygiene by covering staff members’ hair.


Promotional fleeces

Branded fleeces are practical, warm and comfortable. They are often used by outdoors-focused brands, such as outdoor clothing retailers and activity centres. There are also commonly used by various professional tradespeople, such as plumbers and meter readers as they provide comfort for those regularly going back and forth between inside and outside throughout the day.


Promotional hoodies

With many brands now looking to give off a more relaxed vibe, branded hoodies are a very popular choice. They are used extensively by charities and also by many shops. They are also often used by tech companies and other innovative brands for trade shows and other outward-facing events.


Promotional aprons

Branded aprons are highly practical, helping to maintain good hygiene standards, and also reassuring customers that you are taking this aspect of your business seriously. They are often used by restaurants and coffee shops as well as hardware stores, cobblers and other traditional craft shops.


Promotional t-shirts

Branded t-shirts give a relaxed but professional image and are used across a very wide range of industries, from shops, bars and restaurants to gyms, offices and start ups. Branded t-shirts also make popular promotional gifts. They are ideal for customers and potential customers and are often given away as freebies with a first order. Promotional t-shirts can work particularly well for brands such as online health food retailers who want to spread brand awareness and increase customer loyalty.


Promotional polo shirts

Branded polo shirts are a slightly more formal option than branded t-shirts while still giving a fairly casual look. They also tend to be quite hardwearing, making them highly practical. Businesses that typically wear branded polo shirts include IT support companies, tradesmen and supermarkets.


Promotional work shirts

If you need something more formal than a branded t-shirt or polo shirt, a branded work shirt is the next step up. These give a smart, professional look while still effectively communicating your branding. They are more often worn by office workers as well as more senior staff in restaurants, coffee shops, retail outlets and many of the other businesses where t-shirts and polo shirts are the normal uniform of junior staff.


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