The Benefits of printed and promotional drinkwear

The Benefits of printed drink ware.

The benefits of printed drink ware explained….

From simple coffee mugs to elegant crystal flutes with personalised names or messages for friends and loved ones as gifts. Us Brits love our cups of tea and what better way to treat an avid team drinker than with an outstanding personalised mug or glass.

Travel Mugs are currently proving to be particularly popular, whether in work places with clear desk policies, for people on the go, or for those conscious of the environment and not wanting to use the paper coffee cups provided from our favourite coffee shops.

And, of course, they don’t just keep drinks warm either. Travel mugs have become popular with stag and hen parties and for outdoor events such as festivals as they can keep drinks warm for your coffee pick me up in the morning, but they can also keep your beers cool for the beach in the afternoon.

One for the road

So whatever the tipple, from tea to tequila, tastes in beverages may change but promotional product drink ware will never go out of fashion.

Mugs have been a top-selling promotional item over the past 25 years, and these popular item doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Promotional and personalised drink-ware is great value for money; they are viewed multiple times a day, there’s no better desktop branding. They also hold a high chance of being used by the end user if they are used as a givaway.

Gin o Clock!

Coffee is not the only drink to have seen a huge boom in the UK market in the past few years. Sales of Gin in pubs, bars and restaurants have grown more than any other spirit, and last year hit the £1 billion mark for the first time.

Trends in drink-ware tend to follow trends in popular beverages. The gin industry has boomed hugely in recent years with gin bars and brands gaining traction to the UK market.

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