3 Ways Promotional Merchandise Can Gain Loyalty and Trust

Customer retention rates are very important to your business. While many companies will focus on targeting new customers and enticing them to invest, they forget about the different ways to keep customers on board; meaning they’re missing out on the step that turns them into loyal customers who trust your brand.

Developing a customer relationship is highly important for any business, as real value often lies in the stage of striking up trustworthy partnerships with your customers. But how do you evoke senses of loyalty and trust, ensuring that your customers feel appreciated? They key is a better understanding of your customers and their needs, as well as taking advantage of your marketing resources that show you are interested in more than just the sale. You need to show customers that you care, and there are loads of ways you can encourage customers to return to your site and receive a high level of customer service.

Promotional merchandise can be a crucial element of this process, but it’s important to understand how you can use them within your marketing strategies.

Incentivize your customers to buy more

The use of promotional merchandise can occur in a number of different forms; it largely depends on what is best aligned with your brand. However, one of the key areas of business is enticing customers in the first place and getting them on board with your company values. Making sure you look after your customers from the very start means they are more likely to keep coming back.

Using promotional merchandise as a gift or reward can show customers that they are dealing with a company who is attentive. A personal touch will catch the attention of your potential customers and give them an incentive to buy from you. What’s more, if you do your research and offer relevant and useful gifts to your target audience, it’ll say a lot about you as a company. For example, clothing retailers do this extremely well. You may see incentives such as “Buy one of our Bikins and get a free beach towel!” They know people who are buying bikinis are more than likely going on holiday and therefore they would have probably have had to buy a beach towel regardless. So for the sake of buying an extra bikini, they’ve now got both – that’s incentive.

Reward your customers

How you treat your customers after they have done business with you is just as important as securing the deal in the first place. Taking the opportunity to offer rewards to your customers, or even a loyalty program can be incredibly effective.

Providing a positive experience connected to your brand will go a long way with your customers and will make them feel valued. Further, each time your customers use their promotional product, it acts as a reminder of your generosity and doubles as walking advertisement for your brand for others to see — without any extra marketing effort.

Keep them interested

If you provide your customer with a positive experience, they will be naturally more interested in what you offer in the future. Customers who feel valued and appreciated by a company they have done business with are 85% more likely to continue doing business with them and are automatically on the lookout for future offers.

Trusting that you will offer the best service, promotional merchandise can act as the final step in solidifying your customer’s positive opinion of your brand and turn them into brand advocates in the future. Always provide a top quality customer experience, entice them with personalised gifts and merchandise and show them how much you care.

So, next time you’re thinking of the best ways to show customers just how much you care, consider throwing promotional merchandise into the mix!


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