Toyota Manufacturing UK


The Brief

Toyota UK was seeking an update to their long-standing uniform range to coincide with their 28th anniversary of production at the Burnaston vehicle production site in Derby and the Engine manufacturing facility in Deeside. The invitation was given to LOGO International to provide an up to date uniform selection that reflected Toyota’s vision for their future in the UK.


With over 3000 employees comprising a variety of ages and job roles, Toyota required a design that appealed to everyone, male and female, and served the specific jobs roles of their members. One of Toyota’s key philosophies is ‘Respect for the Individual’ and, as such, all uniform is embroidered with the owner’s name.  The challenge was set to not only bring the uniform significantly up to date but to accommodate all wearers and improve the service level of the supply.

The Solution


Managed by LOGO Sales Manager James McKinlay and working in partnership with the Procurement Team at Toyota, we worked on an extensive period of collaboration to establish and refine exactly what was required from a new uniform range. It was important to understand what each area of the business needed specifically from its clothing requirements.


With employees covering all aspects of the car manufacturing process from the production line right through to corporate office functions it was clear that giving choice and achieving staff engagement would be a challenge. However, through a planned process of design, garment selection, sampling and wearer trials, a range of garments were selected that increased the choice of uniform available to each member of staff from approximately 6 lines to over 30 and including a wider range of item colours, all tying in with Toyota corporate brand colours.


LOGO used their extensive market and product knowledge to present a range of items that were not only visually attractive and modern but were also (and crucially) well supported in stock numbers and would offer a high level of durability.


With a much more comprehensive range encompassing a wide variety of women-specific garments LOGO were able to deliver a uniform solution that gave improved variety and choice to wearers whilst lowering Toyota’s exposure to stocking commitments and  improving on order delivery lead times.


This new range was crowned with 3 key products that consisted of a fully bespoke manufactured unique Polo shirt for both male and female wearers together with a revised and reinvented iconic workwear jacket that ALL members of staff are supplied with. LOGO designed and manufactured each of these products utilising our extensive knowledge of garment production and our direct factory relationships in the Far East.


Using LOGO’s in-house graphic designer, a uniform range brochure was created with images of every item available in all colour options which enabled every employee to make an informed decision when selecting their chosen workwear.



Having been awarded a 5-year open-ended contract, the range has been rolled out to over 3000 members of staff in the UK and the new uniform, supplied by LOGO International, has been a resounding success. Toyota UK has had very strong employee engagement with all items within the selection proving to be popular.


Lead times have been halved and Toyota stock levels have been significantly reduced meaning a lower financial commitment required. Following on from this project, LOGO has now started to work with other branches of the Toyota network where we’re proving that similar alternative quality solutions to traditional staff uniform needs are available.



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