Workwear that works

It all begins with a desire...

Reliable, hard wearing work wear is key for the garments we produce for Snap-on.

Made to function

Working closely with the Marketing team, designing and constantly developing garments that are fit for the daily rigours and demands of the automotive industry.

Made to please

Producing a wide variety of garments, including overalls, trousers, fleeces, polo shirts, hoodies, beanies and more, we recognise that they need to withstand some pretty harsh working conditions.

Made to last

Our designers in partnership with our factories ensure that all our garments meet these needs whilst great too.


Through our established supply chain, we manufacture garments from the finest fabrics on the planet

Screen printing

Renowned for our unrivalled print quality, we only use the finest inks, to ensure the perfect results


Using the latest machinery and computerised software, our highly skilled operatives ensure embroidery perfection

Delivered on time

Our introduction of an in-house ‘on demand’ Core Range, rapid supply garment solution, ensures the constant supply of fully branded garments is always available, is yet further evidence of our flexibility to meet our customers ongoing demands.