Workwear that works and promotes

Our brief

After working with Snap-on Tools UK for a number of years producing their promotional clothing requirements we were requested to design, develop and produce a Workwear clothing range worthy of their prestigious brand.

Through a process of market research acknowledging what their competitors were offering together with a clear understanding of what their consumers were demanding we produced an exceptionally well received range of performance workwear clothing.

Made to function


All too often workwear is produced purely with cost in mind and too little emphasis on how the wearer feels whilst performing their job in the garments. Functionality as well as style was a key consideration during the design process as these garments didn’t just have to perform, they had to promote the Snap-on brand as effectively as possible.

Made to last

Quality is at the centre of the Snap-on brand message so it was vitally important that the produced range of garments echoed those same and expected levels of assured quality and durability.

Extensive sampling and product testing together with all LOGO’s years of manufacturing experience came into force to enable us to meet and surpass all expectations for the range.

What equals a “successful” workwear clothing range is subjective but it can’t just be assessed on meeting a price point and delivery date. The continued high demand for the Snap-on range of branded workwear is the best illustration that we met our brief….and then some!



Through our established supply chain, we manufacture garments from the finest fabrics on the planet

Screen printing

Renowned for our unrivalled print quality, we only use the finest inks, to ensure the perfect results


Using the latest machinery and computerised software, our highly skilled operatives ensure embroidery perfection