It all begins with a desire...

Providing a diverse range of promotional products for Philips Beauty, we support its accessory catalogue.

Made to function

Developing a varied and considered range of sympathetic products that support their customers beauty regime, whilst enhancing the brand.

Made to please

Quality is always key and through the reach of our global, audited network of manufacturers, we’re able to produce a range that empower customers to look and feel beautiful every day.

Made to last

From bathrobes to compact mirrors, make-up bags to thermos flasks, we’ve collated a range of products supporting this classic brand.


Using the latest machinery and computerised software, our highly skilled operatives ensure embroidery perfection

Screen printing

Renowned for our unrivalled print quality, we only use the finest inks, to ensure perfect results


Through our established supply chain, we manufacture garments from the finest fabrics on the planet

Delivered on time

What the
client said

Great company, friendly and efficient staff and great garments. We’ve used Logo for many years and are always extremely happy with their service.

Diane Reynolds

Belle & Jerome