Heineken F1

The Garment Range For Heineken Sponsored F1 Events


Due to the already prosperous relationship that LOGO International had with Heineken, it became known between the two parties that the prospect of sponsorship for Formula 1 Racing was looming. For an expanding Heineken brand, they needed someone they could rely on to cope with the responsibility of handling a project as prestigious as F1 Management. Thus with this challenge ahead of them, Heineken sought out their trusted collaborators in LOGO to help out with a garment range for such high profile event.

It was the task for LOGO to forecast garment trends with an F1 racing theme. Using a vast network of sources and endless knowledge of the industry, LOGO set out to begin their forecast.


Results of the forecast given by LOGO were then given to Heineken and a plan was made. Using the latest trends in garment design and everyday fashion, LOGO quickly went to work to produce an innovative range of clothing that accompanied dynamic design with modern fit and style. Henceforth, meeting the high standards of Heineken and that of the retail high street.

From across the globe LOGO used their resources and factories to blend fabrics, colours and various materials to create a premium range of garments. Most F1 garments are heavily branded as you would expect in the racing industry. Using a multitude of techniques and designs LOGO produced a wide range of items with an explosive impact.



Heineken expressed their delight at the solution LOGO had provided and it was in perfect time before the season began. However, at the last minute a curve ball was thrown at LOGO, and a change was made to the design of the F1 logo originally provided. Luckily having heard something like this was coming, LOGO had planned ahead and kept many garments readily available for the last minute change, preempting the problem before it became a major issue.

This all being said, more garments were made, approved and delivered to various racing locations across the world: Italy, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Dubai and Singapore to name a few. And still in time for the opening of the F1 Season.