Heineken Champions League


The UEFA Champions League sponsored by Heineken is the largest competition in club football. It should come as no surprise therefore that it will require massive visual impact and exposure. Due to the previous well maintained relationship between LOGO and Heineken, it came also as no surprise that LOGO was given the task of again coming up with some innovative and fresh ideas.

The brief in essence was simple, design, produce and deliver a range of garments suitable for the caliber and scale of the Champions League. The task however, to produce garments at such a high quality and sharpness fit for the Champions League, to most would seem daunting. Nevertheless, LOGO headed forwards to meet the task head on.


LOGO needed to produce a classy solution to Heineken’s brief. A range of garments and items that people would not only want to wear whilst watching football, but also to wear all the time during the day.

With an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes and having our finger on the pulse with current fashion trends, LOGO set to work. By monitoring current garment styles and designs on the high street and performance sports market, LOGO were able to gather samples and ideas together in order to piece together what kind of items they could produce.

A mixture of fabrics and textiles combining to make comfort and performance a paramount feature echoing across the range that LOGO produced. Use of an in house designer allowed us to present some fresh and bespoke ideas to Heineken, a buzz around the project was quickly created and a seal of approval was stamped on the designs.

With a network of factories and sources available and not to mention the on site embroidery facilities, this allowed LOGO to manufacture an edgy and youthful looking range which importantly met the standards of Heineken and the illustrious Champions League. Not also forgetting, meeting the set budget!


A comprehensive and durable range was sent to Heineken for distribution globally to various UCL affiliating sites. The main highlights of the range consisted of a cap, softshell jacket, polo shirt and performance t shirt.

With successful and efficient production and delivery achieved, positive feedback was quick to come the way of LOGO. Confidence in the end result and the quality of service provided left Heineken a very satisfied and relaxed customer, knowing any future projects would be met with the same impeccable standards and efficiency.