Tell us about yourself

Why do you love working at Logo?

It’s a great place to come to work and there’s a good mix of professional, dedicated people that make up a fun team to be around.

Why did you become a Director and what are the most enjoyable aspects of the job?

Having originally been employed as a receptionist over 25 years ago, I’ve steadily worked my way up through the ranks and fulfilled a number of roles, from accounts management, production and sales. Now having the knowledge of most roles within the company, I enjoy sharing the wealth of my experience with the whole team and now perform an overseeing role, ensuring that the ship runs smoothly.

What’s the most unusual fact about yourself that not a lot of people know?

 I have a real problem in keeping my shoe expenditure in check!

What would we be likely to bump into you doing at the weekend?

Tending to my garden, which I lovingly care for and adore spending time in.

What inspires you?

My children

What’s your hobby?

Property development

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