Sales Order Processor

Tell us about yourself


I have been with Logo for 32 years and have followed the growth of the company, starting with working in the warehouse many moons ago. I am currently the production director and can often be found commiserating/celebrating the Nottingham Forest scores at the weekend.

Why do you love working at Logo?

It’s my first job and everybody has made me feel part of the team. They push me, which is great as I want to learn everything and progress up through the ranks.

Why did you become as Sales Order Processor and what are the most enjoyable aspects of the job?

Whist I’m not winning the orders, I know that I play a key role in scheduling the right garments to decorated and despatched to our clients on time.

What’s the most unusual fact about yourself that not a lot of people know?

Some people mistake me for Drake.

What would we be likely to bump into you doing at the weekend?

You’d normally bump into me at a basketball court or in town shopping for trainers!

What inspires you?

Witnessing the selfless and tireless work that people do for good causes and less fortunate individuals.

What’s your hobby?

Playing basketball and skate boarding, I also have an incurable addiction to buying Trainers!

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