Our work with Heineken covers a wide variety of different textile and promotional items, over a number of Heineken’s brands. We work together on many different events and in recent years, we have worked closely with the flagship brand on the rugby world cup, Champions League, 2012 Olympics and a number of different festivals.

Together with this, we also work on many regional and local Heineken brands such as Bulmers, Desperados, Sol, Krusovice, Zlaty Bažant, Amstel, Strongbow, and Tiger beer.

Working with such a wide range of brands means we source a variety of different items, ranging from bikinis to tattoo sleeves, and everything in between! One of our recent projects for Bulmers ‘In the Garden’ involved us sourcing Bulmers branded blankets, cushions, parasols, crates and deckchairs, allowing Bulmers ‘areas’ to be created, whether in pub gardens or at festivals. The project was a great success and has received some really great feedback. Alongside this, we’ve provided Heineken branded festival crew uniforms and accessories, including bags, wristbands, flags, and lanyards.

We also provide a web based service for selected pubs to order personalised Heineken branded uniform directly from us, which we embroider on site. Our work with Heineken requires us to provide quick turnaround times to hit tight deadlines and deliver to a number of different places. It’s fast paced and challenging, but very rewarding!